Our Services

Blue Collar Buddha Fat Tires 

Not just fatbikes, but all bikes benefit with wider than standard rims, even road bikes.  We build with dozens of brands of rims and hubs, and ahve some of the most affordable, high performance wheels in the business.   Our pirces for hand built custom wheel start at $300.oo.  Currently we are building them ala carte per customer order, but soon we will have a line of hand built wheels ready to roll.  


We repair all makes and models of bicycle at as resononable a price as possible.  We give a concise written estimate, please allow a few minutes for me to diagnose your bike.  In some cases a prepament may be required.  Have a flat? Need new breaks? Have a question about new grips? Stop on by and see us.

Parts Packages

We have found that most riders need lower gears.  Being in the mountains of West Virginia makes this fact very apparent.  Now with the advent of wide range gearing on road and gravel bikes and extended range cog drive trains on mountain bikes it is possible to suit any terrain.

Soon we will have a list of minigroup setups to give your bike a 1x10 extended range at the lowest price avaliable.  We use cogs and chainrings by Absolute Black, Race Face, Wolf Tooth, and many others on either a Shimano or Sram drive trian.  We can even do an 1x11 minigroup at a price as low as any other internet shop.

More information to follow soon.