We are still The True Wheel, which opened in 2008, but now with a different business model.  

We have taken our repairs to appointment only and will not service department store bicycles any longer.  By doing appointment only you get 100% of my time and expertise, without interruptions.  You get the benefit of Buzz's 30 years of experience without annoying distractions.  We make appointsments outside normal business hours in order to make bringing in/picking up your bike more convenient for your schedule. Most repairs can be picked up in three days or less! 

We are also an online business, building custom wheels and parts groups and we still carry all of our outdoors line.  

If you are interested in stopping by to see what's new with our sports nutrition products, wheel builds, or just to pick up an inner tube, just shoot me an email or send me a message on Facebook.  (Buzz is super efficient at answering emails/Fb messages verses answering the phone.)  Don't be a stranger, send us a message. Stop by and visit!  


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